Mesh or Dell

  technodin 18:08 06 Nov 09

I am going to buy a new computer and almost decided on a Mesh but have become concerned at the high level of quality and build issues. I am wondering if I should buy a Dell instead. I have a budget of £850 max including a 22" monitor. It will be used for email, internet, I player music, photo's etc. Not gaming. So a Mesh or a Dell ?

  erkmatrix 08:43 07 Nov 09

I'd choose dell if that was your choice between those 2

But its a tough price range with monitor as it seems alot for £700-£800 then they jump to £999-£1199 area

I'd go for this though the Chillblast Fusion Predator for £750 and spend what you have spare on maybe a 24" screen instead of the 22" Check it out gets good review 4 and a half out of 5 in pc advisor click here

or save up some more and get Arbico HD 7090 Pro at £999
click here

  961 09:32 07 Nov 09

Dell every time

For the uses you describe consider Vostro or OptiPlex business desktop (From the Dell shop page follow the link at the bottom of the page to business desktops)

Buy without a monitor. Instead buy BenQ 24" G2420HD monitor for around £140 from Dabs and others

That should leave you £700 for the computer but I suggest you need spend much less than this. Type D112203 into Dell shop search engine and consider Intel Core 2 duo E

  961 09:35 07 Nov 09

E8400 processor, with W7 professional and one year basic next day on site service

It will be economical to run, well built with a worthwhile warranty which you probably won't need

  Pine Man 10:47 07 Nov 09

Rolls Royce or Mini?

No contest - get the Mesh.

  isca2 11:29 07 Nov 09

If you want after sales service..Dell. If Mesh, beware !

  Pine Man 11:34 07 Nov 09

Tried them both including their after sales service.

No contest - get Mesh!

  numpty_uk 12:55 07 Nov 09

Mesh do make good pc's, but they are let down by poor customer service & support.
Dell offer good, well built pc's & support is good.
You only have to google mesh to see some horror stories!

  GaT7 13:13 07 Nov 09

A agree with 961. Don't spend £850 on a PC that's only going to have basic use. I also agree with the 24" screen choice (e.g. BenQ G2410HD click here £138), unless you're cramped for space.

What OS do you prefer or looking to buy? This will determine the PCs I suggest. G

  wombat1953 07:41 08 Nov 09

I will use Windows 7.

I don't want too basic a system, I am just not into gaming.

All these replies are much appreciated

  961 08:58 08 Nov 09

The systems I have suggested are by no means basic having speedy and up to date processors and Windows 7 professional. They are designed for everything you are likely to throw at them, but not designed for gaming

You really have no need to spend more than £500 on the computer

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