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  day2strike 19:05 11 Aug 08

I have twice unsubscribed to the Mesh Newsletter that seems to get delivered daily to my email address.
And still Mesh send me the newsletter even though i dont want it.
Has anyone else had the same problem?

  Clapton is God 20:20 11 Aug 08

Sometimes it takes a few days for an unsubscribe to actually take effect. It's not always instantaneous

  MESH Support 09:01 12 Aug 08
  day2strike 17:43 12 Aug 08

You have had 2 emails already from us Davey both sent earlier in the year about the same matter, do you not read you emails?

You just seem to send them time & time again even once we asked you not to.
Spam coming from a poor performer like you we do not want!

  day2strike 17:44 12 Aug 08

3rd email dispatched to muppet, er mesh hq!

  Teaboy 17:58 12 Aug 08

day2strike- Your rudeness is unforgiveable, please say you're sorry, and try to do better.

  MESH Support 08:59 13 Aug 08


Whether you choose to accept my offer of help is ultimately your choice.

If you choose not to accept then I won't waste any further time on the matter, nor lose sleep over it or any further unhelpful replies.

You know my address should you change your mind.


  Pine Man 09:40 13 Aug 08

You appear to deserve everything you are getting - and more!

  day2strike 15:12 13 Aug 08

Email sent off this morning!

  MESH Support 16:41 13 Aug 08

Hi day2strike,

Whilst I've received an email today it unfortunately is not from yourself.

Are you sure you sent it to the address I posted?

Or did you send it to another address?


  Forum Editor 21:19 13 Aug 08

If I see any more disgraceful responses like the one above we'll be parting company. If you can't manage to conduct a dialogue without resorting to such childishness you'll get no further help in this forum.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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