MESH - my pc is with them for repair!

  scatty_batty 03 Jun 11

Will I ever see my PC again or will it be swallowed up as a MESH asset to pay off creditors?

  961 03 Jun 11

You need to contact the administrator asap giving details that will enable him to identify your computer and asking for it to be returned to you

The new owners have made noises about honouring existing warranties so you could try contacting them as well

If the computer is new and was paid for by credit card or Visa debit card or is on some sort of finance deal advise the card compay or finance company of the situation

  scatty_batty 03 Jun 11

Thank you. We have contacted the administrators who have passed our details on to the relevant department. I understand the new owners are a company called PC Peripherals. Do you know where I can find their contact details?

  RussB78 03 Jun 11

Git this from a google search Click Here

  spuds 03 Jun 11

Its early days yet, and the administrators are dealing with the business, which is no easy task, so you will need to wait till the 'relevant department' contacts you. Which may take a little time, due to other people awaiting information.

I hope that you have kept 'all records' safe about this transaction. Because you might need them!.

  RussB78 03 Jun 11

Git Sorry Got, and good luck with your getting your computer back.

  scatty_batty 03 Jun 11

Thanks Russ!

  scatty_batty 03 Jun 11

Thanks spuds. We have the returns documentation, along with RMA number and the PC serial number. Also still have all the receipts and correspondence relating to the purchase of the PC just over a year ago which includes full specification and price!! Am keeping my fingers crossed.....

  Forum Editor 04 Jun 11

"...will it be swallowed up as a MESH asset to pay off creditors?"

No, it won't, it's your property, not the administrators. Be sure to make that point, and if nobody else is going to pick up the warranty tell the administrator that you would like your property back.


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