Mesh major problems

  Ditchling 13:15 20 Sep 07

Hi has anyone had the grief that I have had with MESH this year? The first PC had a RAM problem and crashed to the BSOD constantly and had to be returned, they replaced the RAM but second one had a graphics problem and started crashing too and had to be returned. They then supplied a third (with the floppy drive not connected)one which just died on me after a few days (would not go past initial startup screen). Each return meant that I was without the use of the PC for weeks. Mesh are now refusing to refund my money and I am having to go to court over it which is yet more bother. Each attempt to have any communication with them has been tortuous. Emails are routinely ignored, and phone call waiting times are excessive. I certainly would never go near Mesh again in a million years.

  The Brigadier 13:19 20 Sep 07
  Forum Editor 13:28 20 Sep 07

we can't comment, I'm afraid.

  Pine Man 16:35 20 Sep 07

I think you will find that Ditchling's experience predates the Mesh TV moment of fame.

They have actually had a big shake up and even have their own forum now.

  MESH Support 12:14 24 Sep 07

Hi Ditchling,

I'm sorry to read of your problems and, especially if you are describing your experience as occurring after April this year, I would be very interested in receiving more details regarding when you experienced the call waiting times and to whom you sent the emails.

If you would you email this information along with your Mesh Order Number to [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated.


  silverous 12:35 24 Sep 07

Out of interest and as a Mesh Owner, what happened in April this year?

  techie4me 12:55 24 Sep 07

Mesh got to appear on the consumer program BBC Watchdog about their allegedly poor record on customer service & support.
Mesh stated that they were improving the customer support/service by 100%. So if someone is experiencing poor service since April then mesh are not running the service they said they would.

All concise and easy really!

  Ditchling 19:53 24 Sep 07

Dear Davey
The problems started prior to April but have been ongoing in various ways. I'll email you seperately as it's quite a saga that has driven me to desperation. I have over 14 pages of emails, letters, a fax etc which I can send you. Now they have written to me saying they are going to charge me a 'storage' fee!! It's completely unbelievable! I have written to BBC
Watchdog and hope that they can look into this as well. I am very disappointed with them as I have had two machines from Mesh previously and
recommended them to friends in the past so I was not anti-Mesh. The papers are lodged with the court now, so I will just have to wait for a hearing date and see what the court makes of it all.

  Forum Editor 20:53 24 Sep 07

if this matter is the subject of a court action we cannot comment, or discuss it further in the forum. Any further correspondence or discussion must take place privately, between you and Davey - who works for Mesh, by the way. I mention that because you refer to 'they', as if you were under a different impression.

With all that in mind, I'm going to lock the thread now.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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