Mesh graphics cards

I have recently placed an order with Mesh, and had my pc kitted out witha Radeon 9800 pro. I was wondering if anyone knew what manufacture Mesh use (Sapphire, connect 3d etc.), and whether the manufacturer is any good.

Any responses appreciated!

  PSF 18:15 16 Jul 03

click here

Download AIDE32 Personal System Information.( it's free)

Then look under Display- PCI/AGP Video, it will tell you what make of card you have. This program will tell you everything that is installed in your pc.

You could also open the pc and look inside.

  -pops- 18:36 16 Jul 03

Why not ask Mesh themselves?

PSF - AIDA ain't much use if you don't have the machine.


  PSF 18:45 16 Jul 03

oops miss-read it!!!

  -pops- 18:53 16 Jul 03


  Rayuk 19:32 16 Jul 03

Connect3d would be good.

I tried asking Mesh, but i didn't get a reply from their e-mails. I placed my order at the showroom, so I actually asked the person who was there, and he told me that they USED to have Sapphire cards, but wasn't sure what they were using at this very moment. He assured me that it would be a 'reputable' brand. In the display cases in the showroom the only Radeon 9800 pro on display was made by connect 3d, so do you think they're the ones making the cards?

  carver 20:29 16 Jul 03

Why not go back to the showroom and ask them for an invoice with the information you need? Otherwise it's like buying a 32" Tv and not asking whether it's a SONY or ALBA, they are both TV's

They have sent me an invoice, but it only says 'Radeon 9800 pro DVI/...' on it.

As for your Sony point, I am almost certain that buying the same GPU made by a different company won't make it as major of a difference as Alba and Sony.

  carver 21:38 16 Jul 03

If you look into the warranties offered by different manufactures, some only have a 1 year and some others will give you 3 years and if it's not bought as part of a Mesh system you will only have the manufactures warranty.

  MESH Response 09:16 17 Jul 03


I have been informed by our purchasing dept. that currently the 9800Pro being shipped is Connect 3D. Is the manufacturer any good? In our estimation - one of the best.

MESH Response.

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