MESH - Do they provide a SEPERATE Windows XP CD?..

  speedy12 18:16 09 Sep 04

...with new computers? Since I could reinstall Windows XP and not loose any data (documents, video's etc).


  wags 19:38 09 Sep 04

I have Mesh and it came with an XP 'Recovery Disk', which I believe is pretty much standard practice. Mind you, I haven't needed it yet and it's still in it's wrapper.

  speedy12 19:45 09 Sep 04

wags, do you know if the recovery disk will erase all content on the pc, then restore the pc to factory spec?

I was hoping there may be an option to only re-install windows on the recovery disk.

can anyone help?

  bremner 20:11 09 Sep 04

Have you asked MESH?

My Circa 2002 MESH machine came with a recovery disk - but it is a complete package and I have used it on a number of occasions to reinstall XP over itself with no loss of data.

I have also used it to do a complete reformat and reinstall - to all intents and purposes it is an XP disk.

  speedy12 20:36 09 Sep 04

Just what i needed to know bremner.

Thank you.

  MESH Support 09:35 10 Sep 04

The Mesh Recovery CD offers different options depending on your circumstances. You have the option of just installing Windows or completely wiping the hard drive and re-installing from fresh. Aside from this there is also a recovery partition on the system which allows you to quickly restore windows to the way it was at the time it was delivered.

The recovery CD itself is essentially the original OEM XP CD with our recovery options and branding added to it.

Hope this helps.


Mesh Support

  party-time 13:15 10 Sep 04

Davey, does it have EVERYTHING that the original full Windows CD has? I understand that some utilities etc are excluded.

  Southernboy 13:37 10 Sep 04

Does it have the backup utility?

  It's Me 17:24 10 Sep 04

Do they still provide a CD. My Mesh of some 10 weeks old came with no CD at all. But it has a hidden partition on the HDD which is accessed when booting up and which will provide a means of recovery to how things were at deliveryor so I understand.

  Sans le Sou 19:06 10 Sep 04

The hidden partition contains a full recovery to factory settings or you can check WindowsXP files without a full reload or do a system restore. Hit F10 when prompted. The factory settings option is not shown until you click a certain spot and hold a certain key down, tells you in the blurb somewhere.

  speedy12 19:56 10 Sep 04

We have conflicting reports MESH. Whats going on?

I want a seperate XP CD with my purchase. I dont want the data to be backed on a recovery partition alone. I have paid for the computer and software so i should be entitled to a seperate XP CD.

What if i have a hard drive failure and need to buy a drive? Then i really am stuck because I would have no means of installing Windows XP (since the recovery data would have been on the partition). I would have to buy a new copy of Windows XP.


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