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  hexane 18:47 13 Oct 06


I recently bought a PC from MESH and I've never experienced such poor customer service. Emails are not answered (apart from an automated response saying expect a reply in 5 days); calls to customer services entail long queues; phone calls are not returned (despite promises); customer service reps are not empowered to take even the smallest decision; letters to HQ go unanswered.

Fortunately, mine was a relatively minor problem (the computer had been mis-described in terms of the number of USB ports it would have). However, I dread to think what will happen if by PC breaks down in the warranty period. It will probably be easier to get it repaired at my own expense.

I'm certainly grateful that I didn't opt for the extended warranty and I won't be buying from MESH again.

Cheers, Roger

  jimv7 19:00 13 Oct 06
  Harpur 19:25 13 Oct 06

type in mesh in the search engine on this site and see what you get.

  spuds 19:26 13 Oct 06
  johnnyrocker 23:13 13 Oct 06

davey must be getting a bit sick these days cos nothing seems to have changed in about 4 years.


  utdred 09:32 15 Oct 06

Thanks roger will bear that in mind

  FRCS 09:44 15 Oct 06

Mesh seem to be spending less on the one thing customers need most and thats decent customer support service,

  utdred 20:39 15 Oct 06

roger, to avoid this in future, may i recommend that you give this company some consideration. click here

most notably, i have been taken back in my dealings with them by their integrity and honesty, somthing that seems to be lacking within the industry at the moment

(former disgruntled pcnextday customer)

  hexane 21:12 15 Oct 06

Thanks everyone for the advice and, Utdred, I will certainly bear Buyit247 in mind.

One of my daughters had been planning to buy a PC from MESH but I have persuaded her that it would be unwise.

I wonder if MESH understand how much potential business they are losing from their failure to treat their customers with respect.

Selling PCs is a cut-throat business, and those who snub their customers end up paying the price.

Cheers, Roger

  MESH Support 09:35 16 Oct 06
  pointofnoreturn 00:04 17 Oct 06

A couple of months ago I had ordered my PC from Mesh, only after ordering did I come across this forum and similar ones namely I was horrified to say the least at the experiances people had with Mesh. And at this point I was seriously considering buying from them, but you just think maybe you will be the lucky one. Well lucky I was, turned out they don't accept debit cards as I had ordered mines from their website, my oder was cancelled. I just thanked my lucky starts, and got on the phone to confirm the order was cancell, as from whatI had read and experianced short hand these people are incompotetnt and TRULY DO HAVE CONTEMPT for you. Being a student I'd hate to imagine what would had happening if my order went through.

My advice to anyone wanting to buy from Mesh, is simply DON'T! Their specs may 'look' good value or money but their service definatly isn't. I bought a HP PC from PC World, with pretty beefy specs all for £979.99 and got it same day. Leats with them you know what your getting.

Intel Pentium D 940 Dual Core Processor

3.2GHz, 800MHz FSB

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center


400GB Hard Disk Drive

Dual Layer DVD ReWriter Drive

512MB nVIDIA GeForce 7600GS Graphics

Built-in TV Tuner + Remote Control

802.11g Wireless Network Ready

19" Sony Flat Panel Monitor

These people honestly shouldn't be allowed to do business.

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