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  Richard 10:27 11 Jan 04

I bought a Mesh PC about four years ago. This PC was one recommended by PC Advisor with the caution of support. I did have a problem and it was rectified quickly.
On this basis when I needed a laptop less than two years ago I followed the PC Advisor recommendation and got a Mesh Pegasus. The laptop was delivered in good time, with the terms and conditions for two years return to base warrenty and I have had good use from it until just before Christmas when the CD drive stopped working. When I phoned to get a returns number the operator went through the checks and very quickly said he had had the problem before with the cd drive and here is the returns number and we will sort it out.
There was no mention of charge and my terms and conditions mentioned no charge but before Mesh would return the laptop there wanted £220 on the basis that they had changed the terms and conditions.

My question to anyone is are they allowed to do that. I was not given any prior warning of a change and a charge was not mentioned when I arranged the returns number.

To add insult I have had several conversations and promises for an individual to phone back. That was almost two weeks ago.

I have talked to trading standards and they think I have a case. My next step I think is small claims court but I though I would try PC Advisor first.

  SEASHANTY 10:45 11 Jan 04

Mesh monitor this forum so hopefully you may get a reply from them here.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 11 Jan 04

/me dons barrister's wig/ I would be very suprised if a company could change the T&C that you agreed to inn the original contract unless you willingly agreed to the change.


  Forum Editor 11:09 11 Jan 04

clearly state that the company will pay for parts and labour for the first year of the warranty only - you must pay the labour costs in the second year.

The terms and conditions prevailing at the time you purchased your machine formed the basis of a contract between you and Mesh, and you relied on those terms and conditions when making your purchase decision. The company may not vary the terms of your contract without your prior consent. I suggest that you contact Mesh and explain that to them - I presume you have a copy of the terms of your warranty agreement?

  MESH Response 12:28 11 Jan 04
  Rayuk 12:57 11 Jan 04

Still seems rather a large amount for labour costs to replace a cdrom

  spuds 14:44 11 Jan 04

Sunday response from Mesh.Somebodies on the ball. Hope all goes well and good luck Richard.

  Richard 20:03 11 Jan 04

I am very impressed that someone from Mesh is looking in on a Sunday. I have replied to the mesh response e-mail so we will see what happens.
As I said in my reply to mesh I am impressed with the actual laptop but the backup has been questionable. I also have a Mesh PC which had a slight problem but was rectified quicklly a few years ago.

In rely to the Forum Editor I believe the new terms and conditions for a laptop is free repairs for the first year and in the second year all costs have to be bourne by the customer, including the cost of sending the laptop to Mesh and its return. I have to say this seems little use to me.

  MESH Response 16:07 12 Jan 04

Looking at our in-box, it appears we have not received your reply.

If you could again please try us at [email protected] with your details, we will look into this as a matter of urgency.

On a general note, although we do not have your order date, it would appear that your warranty (if purchased slightly under 2 years ago) would of been 24 months back to base - parts and labour.

Our intention is as to honour our warranty absolutely, as we do with all our customers - and to that extend apart from the possibility of 'user related damage' and any nominal carriage charges, we see no reason why any charge was discussed with you.

Again, we would very much like to obtain your order number before we can verify the situation and comment further.

We look forward to a response from you so we can resolve this to your satisfaction.

Regards - MESH Response.

  Richard 21:30 12 Jan 04

I have resent my e-mail from yesterday. and have redone the message. I am actually away from home at the moment and if the message has not got through I will be at home Thursday to follow this up.

Thank you for your response so far through this forum and I hope you have recieved the e-mail.

I am impressed with both this forum and with your handling of the situation. I have to say though that it is only marred by the fact I had to resort to the forum.

Thank you

  Richard 20:53 18 Jan 04

Well I did get a result but following all the above Mesh contacted me and began by saying they had to check to see if it was wear and tear that caused the problem. Then they started to say they would only pay for the cd-rom and I would have to pay for the postage.
I have to say I was not in any mood for this approach and told the poor man on the end of the phone what the next step was if I was not reimbursed. Eventually they agreed to repay the cost of the cd-rom and the posage back to me. They did not pay for my postage to them. Good that. It cost me £9.74 to send the laptop to them. They tried to charge £39 to send it back to me and they even used the same box (a box from a amplifier I bought 15years ago).
I stand by what I say and this has just confirmed it. Mesh make good PC's, reasonable laptops but the support is very poor.

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