MESH - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!

  Daddo 14:07 25 Sep 03

1. Mesh contact me on Tuesday evening (after much chasing) your PC is now ready sir and we will try and get it to you on Wednesday.

2. Wedsnesday comes contact Mesh @ 09.00. sorry it didn't make it onto the van. So no computer. But Mesh assure me that it will be delivered on Thursday.

3. Sit patiently waiting, until 11.30. Ring Mesh, hello where's my PC? Answer still at Mesh. Why? I ask when I was assured it would get to me Thursday. Mesh - I'll get back to you. 45 mins later no reply - ring Mesh - The "guys" are out at lunch, we'll ring you back. I ring @ 2 and everyones out at lunch.

What the heck are they playing at. I thought Mesh were a large competative company, not a local electrical/computer shop. Why can't they give me back my PC on the day they say?

Instead of which I have wasted which will end up being 3 working days!

Thanks Mesh.

  Daddo 14:11 25 Sep 03

Very cheerful Mesh person has now sent someone to find out (3 hours later) and yes it is on the van. Why didn't they do that yesterday? No answer.

  Troodles 17:37 05 Oct 03

Mesh were appalling when I ordered a PC from them back in February this year. It never arrived and I spent the rest of that week trying to get Customer Service to sort the problem out. Promised call backs that never transpired I ended up demanding a refund from Mesh which I did receive.

In the end I ordered a slightly better spec from Evesham which admittedly did cost me more money. However the system arrived on the day it was due and the technical support is excellent.

My initial dealings with Mesh in relation to the customer service really gave me no confidence at all in purchasing a machine from them and being able to rely on their technical advice.

I have heard some positive reviews about Mesh on this forum, unfortunately my experience with them has resulted in that I would never order from them again NOR make a recommendation.

Good luck, remember there is always a refund!

  Boluwd 20:26 05 Oct 03

I ordered a new Mesh on 12/9/03. My credit statement shows that Mesh debited my card on the following day, 13th. The confirmation of order came (after contacting Mesh Response) and gave a delivery date of Friday 3/10/03. They rang up at 18:04 on Thursday to say that the computer would not be delivered until Monday 6/10/03 (tomorrow)!
I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!!!!

  Boluwd 15:35 06 Oct 03

Had a phone call from Amtrak at around 8.00am this morning to confirm that someone would be in for the delivery; new computer arrived at 9 o'clock. So far, so good! Everything I asked for in spec terms is as it should be. The only thing that concerns me is the amount of setup instructions included in the package..... bugger all apart from a rear ports planner (not the one for my motherboard!). A complete novice would have problems methinks! I will keep you all posted if my good fortune turns bad!

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