Memory prices Sky high or is it just one vendor ?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:07 07 Apr 04

I have been watching the memory prices for a single 256MB DIMM of PC2100 DDR 2.5Cass Non Registered memory mainly from Crucial and the prices have sored from £27.01 to £45 since 10 April.

£18 oh please! Does anyone know of any prodcution problems in the memory industry or is there some geniune reason for this price increase. up till yesterday before midnight it was around £37 but todayu its £45

Has anyone else noticed this mad prices or is there somwhere else you can buy the above memory though good quality at reasonable sensible prices.

  reddwarf 14:22 07 Apr 04

click here
tells a story

  reddwarf 14:26 07 Apr 04

This may make more sense:

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 15:03 07 Apr 04

in my works. Will have t otake the risk and shop for cheaper stocks.

  TomJerry 15:34 07 Apr 04

good still got 1gb spare in the draw

  Stuartli 15:35 07 Apr 04

I presume you mean non-EEC or Parity?

A recent thread pointed out that the trend in memory prices was upwards.

Here are some other sources (although Crucial is tops for service etc):

click here

click here

click here

click here

  Sion 17:50 07 Apr 04

I know what u mean. The increase happened about just over a week ago. I was gonna buy 512MB DDR400 memory off Ebuyer for £48.99 excl. vat, two days later it shot up to £63.99, then a day later it was up to £75.49 !!! (excl vat)

click here hope this helps. 256MB DDR266 memory, what u wanted, £33.83 incl vat. And its Kingston memory, good make. (just bought some myself).

  Gaz 25 22:25 07 Apr 04

Umm, they are always changing.

I use Corsair or Kingston.

Corsair is really expensive at the moment.

For those that are needing Ram I would suggest going to the local small retailer at present - he is likely to have stocks from a few weeks ago and not have put the price up - yet. All internet companies ship so much that they will be bang up to date.

  skell 20:07 08 Apr 04

Iv just order myself 512MB from crucial total cost £77.54. i see it advertised last month for about £56. i wanted 1Gb but thought il wait 6months then splash out again for the other 512MB when prices might come down. But looking at this post mabye i should have got 1Gb anyways. Oh well lets hope this price rise doesnt continue huh!

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