Medion Laptop

  Buachail Mór 12:40 11 Feb 04

P IV 2.6GHz

512mb 333 mhz ddr

40GB hdd

15inch tft

super combo dvd-r / -rw/dvd rom /cdrw

(DVD: 8x read, 2x write, 1- rw)

modem / LAN port / 4xUSB2 / firewire / card reader / etc.

Any good for £900? Anything better around (not necessarily with a DVD writer - I don't much need that)?

  Sir Radfordin 13:02 11 Feb 04

Tis fine for the money, though you may want to check on weight and battery life. Choosing laptops can be an endless task.

click here often have some good prices if you want to compare.

  Buachail Mór 08:25 12 Feb 04

Thany you, Sir Radfordin. The weight is 3.5kg and an approxomate battery life of 2hours. Is that good?

  Sir Radfordin 08:52 12 Feb 04

3.5kg is a lot if you plan to carry it any distance longer than desk to car boot. 2 hours isn't bad, but I would expect more from a laptop of that weight.

Acer do some good models but dont know if they will have one in a similar price.

It also depends on what you want from the laptop. If it is going to sit on a desk plugged in 95% of the time then the weight and battery life don't matter - it is a high spec other than that.

  Buachail Mór 12:53 12 Feb 04

Yes, it will be used at the desk most of the time - otherwise in the car boot as you suggest.

It seems a good deal and when I get a chance I will go and check it out to see what it feels like to use in reality.

  Anator11 22:17 12 Feb 04

ive got a medion laptop, 2ghz model purchased for £1099 about 18 months ago, still works a treat - but i think accumulation of dust from leaving it out too log causes it to get incredibly hot. this is probably true for all laptops, but this is the first one ive had for such a long period.

  Anator11 22:17 12 Feb 04

so on a side note - dont leave it out on your desk but put into a carry bag or at least in a drawer each night :P

  duckers 00:09 13 Feb 04

900 notes is an average price for a laptop of that spec these days, if you look about you never know what you might find though....

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