Medion Computer on sale at Aldi

  sunshine65 20:01 01 Jul 10

Has anyone bought the desktop touch screen computer at Aldi, if so, how is it ??

  canarieslover 20:30 01 Jul 10

Just be aware that Medion no longer do warranty repairs in this country. Repairs are sent back to Germany and turnaround time tends to be six to eight weeks. Fine if you never have a problem, but bloody annoying if it does go wrong.

  flycatcher1 17:45 02 Jul 10

I am contemplating changing my 27 year old Central Heating Gas Boiler for something more modern. ( Old one still working but rusty back plate.)
Any advice from experienced voices would be appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 02 Jul 10

How on earth can someone post a question about a gas boiler in a Medion computer thread?


  flycatcher1 18:16 02 Jul 10

Someone whose brain is addled by old age and the heat - sorry.

  avesnes1 22:12 02 Jul 10

flycatcher1 - don't worry, you're not alone!

  Armchair 10:00 03 Jul 10

Those computers went on sale some weeks ago. Aldi desktops normally sell out in a couple of days. Not this one, though. The higher than normal price is probably a factor in this. They might well slash the price soon, to get shot of them.

  sunshine65 14:15 07 Jul 10

With your help I decided against it. I plucked up the courage to perform a recovery on this computer and it was sucessfull ! The computer was taking 7-8 minutes to load up, and I really had not loaded much into it. £60o pounds saved and for an oap, it's very helpfull. Thank you.

  jakimo 17:37 07 Jul 10

"I am contemplating changing my 27 year old Central Heating Gas Boiler for something more modern"

You should seriously consider a complete new system,a qualified Central Heating Engineer will explain why

  flycatcher1 18:35 08 Jul 10

Jakimo. Thanks for comment. The Gas Board upgraded my system a couple of years ago - Power Flush etc and the only reason I am contemplating a Boiler change is because Distaff does not like the idea of a failure in the Winter. Me, I would wait until the blighter fails and then worry about it.

  961 19:09 09 Jul 10

The Gas Board has been dead since Maggie Thatcher whispered the message to Sid all those years ago

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