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Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9... comments?

  Jamesy 11:01 24 Feb 03

I've noticed a very good deal at Komplett for the top end 200 GB Plus 9 which I'm quite interested in, probably getting two of them for future use in perhaps a RAID array.

Can anyone with any experience with these drives please share them? I have an old Maxtor, but not this model. I'm asking due to being quite sceptical about drives since I purchased a duff IBM one recently which was fit for the knackers yard after 2 weeks.

  -pops- 11:05 24 Feb 03

I've always used Maxtor drives.

They sit there working away and I never give them a second thought. Very reliable in my opinion.


  Elrond 12:39 24 Feb 03

I've only used Maxtor and there hasn't been one problem.(touch wood). You have to watch out with the IBM drives, a lot of people have had duff ones. I think Fujitsu are another problematic one too. All the best

  Coaster3 14:25 24 Feb 03

I agree with -pops- we now have a total of eight Maxtor HDDs in the house all running nicely with no problems. Incidentally, I bought them on his recommendation and he knows what he's talking about.

Wouldn't consider any other make.

  Jamesy 16:41 24 Feb 03

Excellent excellent. Well you guys have just convinced me. And at 175 knicker a pop for their top-end, 200 GB model, how can you go wrong?

  Djohn 18:16 24 Feb 03

Jamesy, I too use Maxtor, and no problems at all, will recommend to anyone.

  Pappyon 19:22 24 Feb 03

I have 2 Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 HDD on my PC.
One was a replacement under warranty for a Western Digital WD800 which lasted just over a year. I would heartily recommend Maxtor.

  rmn 20:53 24 Feb 03

i have two 60gb no problems at all which is more than can be said for the raid array.darren

  MontyIIac 19:58 25 Feb 03

I'm currently using six Plus 9s in my PCs, four in two RAID arrays, and (Using Norton Ghost) transferred 35.2GB in 26 minutes dead - add the reliability into the equation and you make your own mind up...

  bda72 21:55 25 Feb 03

Panicked when I saw this post but feel alot better now. Just ordered a Maxtor drive(my first) after years of IBM loyalty. Never really had a problem with IBM drives apart from one, due to too much whisky. I was gaming online and finally winning after a long battle when I heard a thunder storm, drunken logic said I had enough time to finnish them off, Lightening said game over..................doh!

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