jaraba 13:32 02 Sep 08

As many items on here are about bad service just thought I would praise a company for good service.
Twice in the past year I have had problems with 2 items I bought at Maplin. Had receipt for both.
Took them back to shop & on the first had a refund and on the second a replacement both without any problems.
May I add that the first item was taken back to a different store to the one I purchased it from.
Had been visiting a different area when purchased.

  peter99co 19:35 02 Sep 08

I will second that comment. If you ask for their help it is usually forthcoming and their repair/warrenty is very good as well.

  spuds 11:18 03 Sep 08

I only wish Maplin would reply to my emails,or resolve the problem regarding password confusion on my internet account :O(

At least the store is fairly local, and the service is first class ;o)

  version8 15:28 04 Sep 08

Always get first class service from Maplin.
The reason why, is that they know how to treat their customers.
And happy customers will return again & again!

  Bald Eagle 04:37 05 Sep 08

Totally agree. I bought a rocket in Manchester from Maplins. World domination starts tomorrow! They recognised my Yorkshire accent and when I confirmed I lived 90 miles away they checked it over there and then to make sure nothing was missing etc.

  daveeb 13:40 05 Sep 08

I'm afraid my opinion of Maplin has fallen in the last year from previously lofty heights. I've had to return a few items for replacement over the years which isn't unusual as i used to spend a small fortune there and bought many many items. What i did notice with time was a growing reluctance to take items back for refund or replacement. The latest (and final) item was a wired router that died after about 14 months. I discovered that the router had a manufacturers 10 year guarantee with an agreement with maplins to cover the first two years. Maplins was less than helpful in the whole affair and dragged the saga out for months. I eventually sent the router back to them however they claimed not to have received it. It may well have got lost in the post but i was left with such a sour taste i decided not to buy from them again unless i really needed it and it was unique to maplins. So far i've managed to avoid them and maplins loss is pc world/comets gain (and believe me that pains me to admit it !)

  Maplin Info 16:00 19 Sep 08

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