version8 13:46 24 Aug 08

So anyone going to buy this product click here

  russmini 14:05 24 Aug 08

Oh Dear...

The World has gone Mad.

Mind you, it says Minumum of 20amp Socket... Usually about 10amps arn't they ??

And even if you Did run it off a Socket, it only gives out 175W from that. You have to hook it up to the Actual Battery to get out 660W Power.

Mind you, i suppose if you lugged along a Liesure Battery as well, you could hook it up to that...

Lots of Messing around.

Just have a BBQ !!!!!

  spuds 14:12 24 Aug 08

Think that I will stick to the cup of soups, and the 12v drop-in immersion heater :o)

  €dstowe 15:15 24 Aug 08

I'll stick to the Primus stove and billy can.

  birdface 15:29 24 Aug 08

Ideal for truckers for a quick snack Etc.

  oresome 16:22 24 Aug 08

Takes about 50 amps from a direct battery connection. You wouldn't want to cook something that takes a long time.

  laurie53 19:48 24 Aug 08

Thanks for the link.

We regularly need to eat hot food in the car, and this may obviate soup in a flask or a barely warm pasty from the warm box.

I may not buy, but I will certainly look.

  wiz-king 06:02 25 Aug 08

I suppose it's one way to check if your radar detector is working.

  jack 08:30 25 Aug 08

Imagine Coffee and Burger and fries while you wait
for the PCA link to come up so you ask why your Computer wont start!

  spuds 10:39 25 Aug 08

I remember the days, when we use to cook and warm food by having a tin strapped to the manifold-exhaust. Depending on the journey, the meal or meat could be rare to mouth watering delicious. Those were the days, and all before these new fangled must haves!.

  jack 12:03 25 Aug 08

The fireman used to use his highly polished shovel for all sorts of tasks other than feeding the firebox- Breakfast for himself and the driver and - so I am told- dealing with the aftermath later.;-}

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