Manufacture Recommendation Please

  recap 08:51 05 May 04

Morning all,

I have been asked to put a computer systems analysis report forward for a complete system up grade. This is from computers all the way down to which is the best mouse and everything in between.

In this report I have to include 3 different manufactures.

My first choice would be Dell (as we have these in place at the moment and have not a any bother with), second choice would be Compaq.

Your recommendations for the third would be appreciated.

  georgemac 09:55 05 May 04

evesham or mesh

  byfordr 09:58 05 May 04

For Compaq substitute HP...some cracking machines for a cheap price (same company)click here click here Just picked up a couple of their D330s cracking little systems.

Then a choice of click here click here click here


  recap 10:02 05 May 04

Thanks, georgemac & byfordr for your response. I was thinking of Evesham but I am not sure of their QOS, any thoughts on this?

  tomleady 10:11 05 May 04

my medion is excellent and does the job very well.

click here

  spuds 11:28 05 May 04

Depends on the final budget available.Mesh, Dell, Evesham seem to be the corporate favourites. Then at the lower end of the home user scale, you have the PCW, Staples budget buys.

  recap 12:32 05 May 04

Thanks spuds.

I should have said it is for a small business 35 pc's in total, covering 2 sites.

  spuds 12:57 05 May 04

Recap-- Visiting many medical centres in my town, they all seem to have Dell systems with Brother laser printers, either recently installed or going through the process now. I understand that this is a NHS special support package deal, on a cost reduction scale.Why not contact Dell, Mesh, Evesham or similar, to see if they have any special packages on offer.Some of the smaller GP practice centres only have about 8/10 units,all networked, whilst the larger clinics have more. Nothing like competition, to bring the price down!.

Perhaps the sales team, from one or all of these outlets, may do all the 'donkey work' for you.Which should make life more easier.

  recap 14:06 05 May 04

Thanks spuds.

I have included Brother laser printers in my report, both mono and colour.

We are a charitable trust and therefore are funded like the NHS now.

I have been asked to submit this report for tomorrow and to give just a ball park figure for my director to present to a prospective funder.

At the moment I have been told not to worry about the price, "just put it in if you think we need it" said my director.

Well there's an open cheque if ever I heard of one. Whether I get what is on the list is another thing, fingers crossed.

  byfordr 14:27 05 May 04

click here Cheap laser click here Something a bit more substantial inc duplex.

click here might be able to do some deals, supplier to gov and education.


  byfordr 14:31 05 May 04

If not ebuyer always reduce the prices for bulk buying (normally one of the cheapest for pc odds n sods)

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