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  Riverbraid 17:09 25 May 15

Hi can someone help me I have a gf in phippines and she with a broadband company but the connection is so bad only get online for about 15 mins a day now I told her to change broadband providers now the company are making it harder to leave as she asked for Mac code to change to a cable company now they give wrong Mac code so is hard to leave now what I suggest is can a person have 2 broadband accounts our is provider tied to the address if she rent another home can she have 2 broadband accounts in her name our is broadband liked to her name if she have different address. Thanks for help

  Riverbraid 17:12 25 May 15

Can you have 2 broadband accounts if different addresses?

  bumpkin 17:29 25 May 15

Seems simple enough to me, stop paying them and use a different supplier from the new address.

  Riverbraid 17:47 25 May 15

Yes am thinking that but worried if her name is linked to Mac code that new home cannot have broadband account with new provider

  bumpkin 18:03 25 May 15

I don't think that will matter at all but I do not live in the Philipines.Just try it, I can see no reason why another supplier would not be happy to take your money.

  bumpkin 18:25 25 May 15

Basically the MAC code is to give you continuity of service if you change providers. If you choose another provider and not supply the code then you will have to wait a bit while they set it up. The name of the person has nothing to do with the MAC code.

  Riverbraid 19:08 25 May 15

Yes but my gf has a good service provider and is cable but they cannot start service as her home is locked to the current company and they do not want her to leave so give wrong Mac code as the cable wires are locked so we are lost for leaving current company if they do not provide right Mac code

  bumpkin 19:22 25 May 15

Sorry but I have lost the plot here. Wait for the more informed to reply.

  Forum Editor 21:56 25 May 15

This belongs in our Tech Consumer Advice forum, and I'm moving it over there now.

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