Low Broadband Speeds? Maybe there's hope.

  gardener 21:25 10 Oct 07
  FatboySlim71 17:18 12 Oct 07

Ive just signed it now. Totally agree with the idea of forcing ISP's to advertise a typical rate rather than a "theoretical maximum rate"

  gardener 17:36 12 Oct 07

Also signed. About time things changed in the Third World country that is Britain.

At an old age I agree this is the 3rd world and I am also looking at retiring elsewhere for the remainder of my time

  tullie 13:59 14 Oct 07

If you people think this is a third world country,you should get around a bit more.

  Colin 14:16 14 Oct 07

tullie - spot on. If some people think the UK is a third world country, what does that make countries like Honduras & Ecuador? 10th world?

  gardener 14:37 14 Oct 07

We have a health service on the verge of collapse, an education system that is churning out illiterate, scientifically-deficient pupils, the worst record for child poverty in Europe, animal health scares on a regular basis and the biggest divide between rich and poor ever seen. Not exactly what you could call 'developed'.

  Colin 15:15 14 Oct 07

Depending on who you listen to, the NHS has been on the verge of collapse since it began. You have to put these things into perspective and not base opinions on a small sample of bad things or what The Sun & Daily Mail say. The NHS treats millions of people every year. If something goes wromg, that's not acceptable, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Anyway, maybe this should be a separate thread, but it wouldn't change people's opinions.

  gardener 15:28 14 Oct 07

Colin, yes this thread is becoming too political, I apologize. I will stick to the subject in future.

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