Loud phones

  Super Frankie Lamps 20:54 16 Dec 06

right, heres the problem - i work in a noisy enviroment (an airport), and without getting the sales assistants in the shops to test loads of phones in front of me i would like to try and get an idea of the loudest modern phone out at the moment. I am due an upgrade and am going from the W800i which was just a little too quiet for me, both on the ringing front and the playback of music. You can guess the sort of spec i would be looking for, so what do you reckon ?

  WiLL-A 21:33 16 Dec 06

The Nokia N73 is a loud phone. I purchased it exactlty for the same reasons as you mention.

It comes equipped with stereo speakers and on maximum volume is very loud, much more so than my wife's Samsung D900 which she got at the same time as I got mine.

All it's other specs are top notch, so I dont think you will be disappointed!

  De Marcus™ 22:37 16 Dec 06

Have you tried setting your phone to vibrate?

  Super Frankie Lamps 09:19 19 Dec 06

will try it out thanks.

and yes, have tried vibrate, but with full plane engines going, your whole body vibrates, not just the phone :)

thanks peeps

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