lost mouse pad on Acer Aspire One

  ffabbri 14:35 14 Mar 13

Hi recently my laptop Acer Aspireone model ZG5 lost alltogether the drivers of the Synaptic pointing device and so the mouse pad stopped to work. I've already tried to download the software and install it on my computer but the problem hasn't been fixed. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance fabrizio

  wiz-king 15:15 14 Mar 13

Restore to before it failed.

  HondaMan 22:13 14 Mar 13

It looks from photos I have seen as though the pad has an on-off switch, my 9 series does. It should be top left of the pad.

  morddwyd 08:56 15 Mar 13

Or top right on some Aspire series.

  AroundAgain 10:55 15 Mar 13

Try FN + F7 ??? This is the combination for turning trackpad on/off, I believe

  HondaMan 11:20 18 Mar 13

Oops. Just re-read my post and realised I got it wrong. The mouse on/off button IS on the right, the (expletive) photo was the wrong way around! Doh!

  ffabbri 16:31 18 Mar 13

many thanks to you all. in fact as guessed by araoundagain, I'd had swith the mouse pad off by clicking Fn+F7 by mistake cheers fabrizio


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