Loss of line during transfer

  glenat12 12:42 28 Jun 13

More of a salutary lesson. Booked to transfer from tesco broadband to plusnet last October, and lost telephone line during transfer. Given reconnection date 3 months hence - don't believe this. Contacted BT offered cancellation date within a month, and used this information (plus comment that BT are not permitted to have priority over other providers) and obtained cancellation date from Talktalk in early December, and am happily with them. Both original companies claimed they'd done nothing wrong. Therefore decided first to complain about Tesco, failed to reply to my complaint via IPSA (internet providers service association, of which they are a member). Complained via the communications Ombudsman (was trying to obtain some recompense for loss of line, change of telephone number, use of mobiles and mobile broadband dongle). Tesco apparently proved they were not at fault using screen snapshot. Complained to BT wholesale, who are the intermediary in transfers, but as a wholesaler, they're not authorised to speak to me. Tried to complain about plusnet via the communications Ombudsman, but plusnet are not a member company. So if you lose your line during transfer - tough luck!

  spuds 16:10 28 Jun 13

It's probably me, but I am finding your post slightly confusing.

You have originally stated Tesco broadband to Plusnet, then BT and eventually TalkTalk, then state "Both original companies claimed they'd done nothing wrong".

The way I seem to understand this, is that Tesco broadband was your original supplier and you wanted to transfer to Plusnet. Is this correct, because if so, what as BT got to do with it (other than supply the infrastructure on lease to the other two companies, which would be a private agreement between those companies)?.

Did you get a MAC code for the transfer, or any transfer dates for a changeover of both broadband and telephone?.

  alanrwood 16:20 28 Jun 13

Plusnet is owned by BT

  spuds 16:43 28 Jun 13

Plusnet is owned by BT. Yes agree, but its a separate company and I believe run as such?.

  glenat12 17:32 28 Jun 13

Yes I wanted to transfer from Tesco to plusnet, after loss of line I didn't trust either of them, and talktalk were coming up with great deals. However their initial reconnection was 3 months away. Knowing that BT wholesale does the reconnection, it was only logical that I try BT broadband for a reconnection date, and lo' and behold they could come up with a far quicker cancellation date. As many of you know, this should not happen to the detriment of fair service to all broadband companies, which was exactly the comment of the very helpful talktalk specialist I talked to. The upshot was that she was able then to get a quicker reconnection date (only one week later than the quoted BT time. Please note this was not via the standard customer service, but at a higher level.

  glenat12 17:37 28 Jun 13

PS. All the usual procedures were followed and a transfer date agreed by both companies, the line appears to have been disconnected during the process, but both companies say they did everything correctly.

  alanrwood 09:28 29 Jun 13

Hi Spuds

Not entirely separate. I went to Plusnet when I had paid my line rental to BT for the following 8 months and they accepted me without having to pay them the line rental.

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