Looking for a game

  WhiteTruckMan 20:01 18 Dec 05

Hi all.

I'm trying to see if anyone does the mario bros series that were originally featured on the original Nintendo NES games console as something that will run on a PC platform.

I'm looking for something in the shops/catalog etc, not really interested in downloading something then having to mess around with emulators (something I seem to have had a lack of success with in the past) only to discover that what you really have is only the first 1-2 levels, or some kind of demo version..

In case anyones wondering, its a bit of a nostalgia trip, prompted by seeing a whole load of old SEGA games (sonic the hedgehog etc) when the house apes dragged me into a games shop to look at al the things I wasnt going to buy them.



  Totally-braindead 20:25 18 Dec 05

As far as I know the Mario games were never produced on the PC platform so the only chance you will have is to to get something with an emulator. I do have a disk somewhere that has old arcade games setup with a PC emulator but sadly there are no Mario or Sonic games on it just things like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.

  wolfie3000 01:45 19 Dec 05

try this for sonic

click here

and this for mario.

click here

Iv never tryed these games but have downloaded games in the past from game hippo and they worked well (no viruses or malware) but good to give em a quick scan just to be carefull.

  wolfie3000 01:49 19 Dec 05

come to think of it i did download sonic for a nostalgia trip (i had a game gear with sonic on) and worked well on an old pc with win ME on.

Oh and no emulators needed just install and play.

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