looking for compatible inks for epson printer

  edd78 10 Feb 13

hi all

i was wandering what inks are compatible with my epson stylus sx438w printer dont' want to buy from epson as it is to expensive.



  rdave13 10 Feb 13

I've been using Inkredible for my Epson D92 with no problems so far.

  spuds 10 Feb 13

Have a look at eBay, that is where I get my all compatibles from. For your model, less than £1.00 each?.

You could also consider a CISS or refillable system for that model. Might work out cheaper, if you are a big user?.

Check the feedback rating of the seller first.

  Nontek 10 Feb 13

I also use Inkredible, very good service and price!

  rdave13 10 Feb 13

Nontek , hope you're well. Not seen you here for a while?

  Nontek 10 Feb 13


Thanks for asking - been in hospital, small Procedure (previously known as Operation), could have been more serious, must go again next week for further full-body CT scan.

But feeling OK ... thanks again!

  rdave13 10 Feb 13

Nontek you were the one that recommendeed Inkredible here first. Excellent service until Epson and others make it more difficult for third parties to produce compatibe inks.

On the mend I think, NHS the best there is, even if adverse pubilcity now and again. Nice to hear from you.

  woodchip 10 Feb 13

Get mine from Computer fair £5 for set of 5 Epson RX620

  Woolwell 11 Feb 13

I have found Tesco to be fine.

  Woolwell 11 Feb 13

woodchip - That is fine but I haven't got a computer fair anywhere near me. I would spend more on the travel than I would save.

  woodchip 11 Feb 13

Check the Net for Faires


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