Long live Windows 98SE

  flecc 18:37 17 Jan 03
  flecc 18:37 17 Jan 03

I've remarked previously how sticking with 98SE and derivatives of it has brought the benefit of any amount of free quality software solely because it's not XP compatible, even formerly expensive things like Drive Image and Partition Magic.

The benefits now extend to hardware it seems. Just bought a superb Samsung ML4500 Laser printer for £72 including VAT, and that includes a cartridge with £18 worth of toner in it, so the true net is £54. Agree with the onlibne comments on it, better than the Brother, and at that price it's a steal and will pay for itself in no time. Look at the recommended prices for consumables, £45 for a 2500 copy cartridge against £24 for a 300 copy ink cartridge for my Epson 760 inkjet, andf both available at lower prices anyway. And all this because it's only kitted for up to W.2000.

Second buy is a new monitor for my little third computer. Got a 17" true flatscreen Dabsvalue for just £89 including VAT, unbelievable. It nearly matches the picture quality of my CTX Trinitron flatscreen, just a more moderate but acceptable 75Hz refresh rate. Again, no XP "driver", and the screen vanished on sight of an XP partition when tried. I bet I can write a driver (INF file) for it though.

Both from Dabs if anyone's interested, and I'm staying with 98 and it's derivatives for as long as this sort of thing continues.

  powerless 18:57 17 Jan 03

No blue screens?

  ams4127 19:25 17 Jan 03

I bet if you went back to just using DOS you'd get everything free!

  flecc 19:49 17 Jan 03

Of course not Powerless, no blue screens with SPEEDOS, don't remember what one looked like as it's been about two years since I saw one.

Software is free, as pointed out with 98SE and similar, ams4127, but you don't seriously suggest that DOS and 98SE are comparable, surely?

My 98SE and 98 based systems based systems continue to do things that XP can't possibly do, and I'd rather do without it's restrictions.

  mehmet 20:16 17 Jan 03

I still use 98SE and have no problems mind you I didnt have a problem with 95 either. I dont feel the need to upgrade to XP, my experiance is that every time I upgrade my computer gets slower. In any case new OS's usally have bugs that we all have to learn to live with.

Here here long live 98SE

  BRYNIT 21:32 17 Jan 03

Its always the same when a new OS is out you require a faster CPU a bigger hard drive and more memory. Before long you will require a 10GB HD and 512mb mem just to boot up.

  flecc 23:59 17 Jan 03

That's right BRYNIT, but the best of all is the latest hardware with an older OS. A reduced 98SE really flies on a 2.8 Athlon XP and PC2700 DDR memory. Just imaged a 600 mb system in 42 seconds with Drive Image 4, that's really going some.

  closhty 01:02 18 Jan 03

to every thing you said.

  Tenner 01:02 18 Jan 03

SPEEDOS ? I take it this is some software ? Tried Copernic, but got a load of sites relating to swimwear ( and some dubious ones ) Not trying to be funny, honest, just wanted to know how you got rid of blue screen ? Can you inform , please ?

Many thanks

  astral traveller 10:15 18 Jan 03

It may be beneficial for you to stick with 98se for the time being and good luck to you but eventualy you'll have to move "up" - anyone out there still only using Win 3.1? I don't think so.

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