Logitech LX 8 Mouse with no driver disk

  gazzaho 23:58 25 Jun 09

I just bought a Logitech LX 8 cordless laser mouse yesterday, and I thought I'd post and let people interested in buying this mouse know that it doesn't come with a drivers disk! You have to download the drivers from their website.

The mouse itself is great, ambidextrous which is what I need as I'm left handed and I can't complain about the hardware. I know that Internet access is taken for granted now days but not everyone has their computer connected, I just feel Logitech are being a bit stingy in failing to supply a disk.

Is this going to be the latest trend now, hardware supplied without physical driver disks? I don't know, anything to save a few pennies.

  tullie 00:01 26 Jun 09

To be honest,i havent bought a mouse yet that needed a driver downloaded,or having to use a Disk.

  Stuartli 00:59 26 Jun 09

The mouse will more than likely work perfectly well with the Microsoft (Windows) Intellipoint or standard mouse drivers.

The Logitech Setpoint software is required to get the most out of the additional buttons though.

  gazzaho 02:23 26 Jun 09

[email protected]'s right, if you buy a mouse with more than 3 buttons then you're going to need dedicated drivers as the default Windows ones don't have the settings, I for one hate using a browser now without the back and forward buttons on the mouse. Also on some high precision mice like laser gaming ones you'll need the drivers to get the real fine control needed.

Windows default drivers are fine for most occasions but to get the extra benefit from multi button or gaming mice you need the drivers.

  mike40 08:46 26 Jun 09

If you go onto the logitech website you will be able to download drivers for all logitech products that require them.

  ened 09:06 26 Jun 09

Unless the Mouse is really new the chances are you need to check for updates as soon as you install the software anyway.

I don't think they are being stingy because I never use their driver disc I always download the latest version of SetPoint.

The mouse will work with generic drivers until then.

  gazzaho 14:52 26 Jun 09

The point, and only point I'm making is if you don't have an Internet connection and want full functionality of the mouse then you are up against the wall.

As I've said the Internet now days is taken as a given, but the truth is some people still don't have it.

  Jameslayer 17:55 26 Jun 09

I also like to receieve the driver disk cd and manual. Yes most people have internet acces but not everyone does.

It makes financial sense not to include paper or a driver cd. It also makes enviromental sense as well. So this probely goes someway towards cutting the carbon footprint.
And if you asked them I'm sure they would site enviromental concerns and being able to offer the produce at a cheaper price.

So i beleieve this will be a growing trend not to include these things.

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