Location External Hard Drives - PC

  PastyFlyer 03:08 AM 15 Nov 11

I have three external hard drives via suitable USB to my PC. I have been advised by a friend that I should not locate these on a shelf next to each other because of potential interactional damage. Any advice please ?

  hastelloy 07:59 AM 15 Nov 11

I have 3 one on top of the other next to my PC and 2 side by side on a shelf above - never had any problems. I'll be interested to see any other replies.

  Pine Man 08:24 AM 15 Nov 11

I would suggest that this is a myth.

Putting aside external drives just consider internal drives for a moment. Most of my computers have had at least two and sometimes three. Where are they - fitted one above the other by design without any problems so why should it be any different with external drives? Like Marvin42 now have external drives stacked up together with no ill effects.

  hastelloy 14:51 PM 15 Nov 11

Pine Man - That was my thought but I'm happy for the confirmation.

  PastyFlyer 15:23 PM 15 Nov 11

Thanks Martin42 and Pine Man, you have reassured me. My den rehash can now be completed. Thyanks for speedy responses Cheers PastyFlyer

  daveeb 21:02 PM 15 Nov 11

Hi pastyflyer, as confirmed above, having the drives next to each other shouldn't be a problem unless they're in a very confined/warm space which could then lead to overheating problems.


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