LloydsTsb glitch?

  rickf 12 May 11

I have been accessing my internet banking and the page seems to be not updating the latest transactions. It's still showing those from the 11th and deposits I made on the 11th are not up. Anyone with similar problems? Also it won't let you goback to previous pages

  Covergirl 12 May 11

Mines working with transactions from the 12th and previous page is working too.

Browser? OS?

  wee eddie 12 May 11

Be very suspicious.

Disconnect and log in again. This time type in the address yourself rather than following a Link.

If the site is then working as it should be.

Change your Passwords immediately.

  rickf 15 May 11

I am still stuck to statement pg May 11th. Emailed Llyods and waiting for a reply. I have checked my accounts balance via the bank and nothing untoward is going on. Just frustrating and a biot concerened that I can't get up to date transactions when using internet banking. I did go into the bank for a review with one of their consultants on the 11th and we had to go into my accounts then. I wonder if he has inavertently done something which has caused my statement sheet to be stuck.

  Diemmess 18 May 11

With something as awkward and potentially serious as this is. I would phone for help.

Using their number may be tedious but you can be sure it is Lloyds TSB on the other end.

  spuds 18 May 11

I think that the only way that you can resolve this issue, is to contact the bank direct, by telephone or visit to the local branch. Their records and logging procedures should perhaps show any problems?.

I had a on-line problem a few months ago, and by contacting the bank, that placed the onus on them to resolve the issue (because a complaint had been recorded). In my case the bank was fully aware of the problem, but failed to inform their customers ("we were looking into it")?.

  rickf 18 May 11

I emailed them and they have replied. It's all sorted with a very polite and apologetic email. Security had not been compromised. Thanks to all for responding.


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