On Line Banking Session Time Outs

  morddwyd 10:33 10 Dec 16

I am having a lot of trouble with my on line banking sessions timing out before I have finished my transactions. I have just had another time out while I was actually typing a reply to a secure message they sent me!

I have complained to the bank, of course but they say it as an industry set standard which they cannot alter.

Anybody got the address I should write to for the industry?

I can understand the security reason for logging off an inactive user but the timer shouldn't start until the last key stroke.

  Forum Editor 11:02 10 Dec 16

I am not aware of any 'industry set standard' for auto log-outs. My bank logs me out after ten minutes of inactivity, which is fine, and I think some banks allow you to choose the inactivity period in the options settings.

Arbitrarily logging you out in the middle of a text entry is ridiculous, and if it happened to me I would make an almighty fuss with the bank concerned.

  morddwyd 12:21 10 Dec 16

I must admit when they first told me it was an industry standard I was prepared to accept it, but now I am not, hence my enquiry.

I intend to start a formal complaint procedure with a view to eventually involving the Ombudsman.

  Forum Editor 13:21 10 Dec 16

Good luck with that. The outcome will be interesting.

  morddwyd 13:49 10 Dec 16

First I need the address.

As in most industriesm the ombudsman won't touch it unless you have exhausted the internal procedures and have a letter to say so!

  Burn-it 13:55 10 Dec 16

The session cannot tell whether you are typing a reply or have left your machine. This has ALWAYS been a problem with session timeouts - and not just banking. I have often been logged out of sessions and lost a lot of time. It happens a lot when you hava a long technical reply to a question on forums and I have learned to compose that sort of thing in a text editor and cut and paste.

  hastelloy 14:01 10 Dec 16

I'd email the bank's CEO first and see what effect that has. (Usually fairly fast response in my experience).

They will send you the contact details for the ombudsman.

  wee eddie 14:42 10 Dec 16

Both my Banks allow me the option, on their Home Page, of disabling Timed Log-outs

  morddwyd 18:55 10 Dec 16

"They will send you the contact details for the ombudsman."

Yes, but not until I have exhausted he internal complaints procedure. His contact details are a matter of public record anyway. It's the address of the industry's complaint department that I need.

  Forum Editor 23:09 10 Dec 16

"It's the address of the industry's complaint department"

There isn't one, other than the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Complain to your bank (in writing)in the first instance, informing them that you intend to escalate the matter to the Ombudsman if you aren't satisfied. with their response.

You probably won't be satisfied, but the Ombudsman will expect you to have exhausted any other routes first.

  morddwyd 08:30 11 Dec 16

Thanks FE.

That's already in hand.

Now you've confirmed there is no industry complaints procedure I can get an impasse letter from my bank and contact the ombudsman.

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