light weight laptops

  egretta 09:15 06 Sep 04

Like Ruud Boy I also need a new laptop. My IBM thinkpad has just died and after about four years of lugging it about airports and stations I want somthing that is light weight. Other requirements are: (i) modem, (ii) external monitor/projector connection (iii) CD (DVD would be nice but not essential) (iv) reliable. It will be used for standard office apps plus downloading/storing digital photographs so it doesn't really need to be ultra powerful. Oh and I would prefer not to pay too much(ideally less than £1200). Any suggestions?

  Stuartli 10:14 06 Sep 04

All the major laptop brands offer lightweight models (some ultra lightweight) - keying in something on the lines of "Lightweight laptop models" into will reveal many examples.

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