LG 42LM760 TV with wi fi built in

  john bunyan 18:13 28 Feb 13

I have recently bought one of the above and in most respects am pleased with it. However it is a bit impractical to connect it to my router by ethernet cable so it is "tuned" to my wireless network.My ISP download speed on my desktop,(ethernet wired) , laptop and iPad is about 6.8mbps, but when I tried to watch BBC iPlayer on the TV using the built in app, the programme was constantly buffering. I checked the download speed on the TV and it was only 0.8 or less mbps. I phoned LG and they more or less admitted the wifi built in may be the cause and could only suggest an ethernet connection, which will involve a difficult route.In the meantime I will use a laptop or iPad via a HDMI cable. All a bit annoying on an expensive TV advertised as iPlayer friendly.

  john bunyan 18:15 28 Feb 13

PS the iPad and laptop are wi fi at over 6.5mbps

  rickf 11:33 01 Mar 13

Can't you have it replaced as you have "bought recently". I have a different model LG but coonects fine to wi-fi. If they admitted it's a manufacturing fault surely it's not fit for purpose.

  john bunyan 15:23 01 Mar 13


Do you notice a significant drop in speed on the TV versus other wi fi devices? I actually spoke to LG direct and they were a bit evasive. As for "fit for purpose" they say if you connect it by ethernet cable it will perform,. The spec does not s state a transfer rate... I will think carefully as I would have thought wireless "N" should be better.

  rickf 11:13 02 Mar 13

I connect mine wirelessly via an lg dongle and watching bbc iplayer does not cause any slag. hope that helps. I sometimes do other things like connecting to Youtube and on the whole it's fine. I am considering a lg magic wand though as entering data with the supplied remote is a pain.


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