Leadtek, Asus or XFX?

  kingkenny 17:40 23 Feb 05

Hello people,

I need some advice. I am feeling a tad flush (must have missed a bill somewhere!) and looking to buy a new Gfx card and have picked the PCI-e 6800GT chip as the one I would like. The only problem is I am unsure what make to go for.

Leadtek is a name I have never really heard of or had experience with but a few people say they are quite good.

Asus, I have in my current system (mobo, cd-rw drive) and have had good experience with.

XFX, are these cheaper versions of the above?
i sense that from the pricing. Or are they just aggressively priced? I had heard these cards are quite good but some experienced driver problems.

I know some people will say "if you like asus go with them" but I feel I may be being narrow minded so am considering others.

Any advice would be appreciated? Have you guys anything to say on the above card makers?

  Stuartli 17:56 23 Feb 05

Graphics card manufacturers use the same main chipsets and conceive their cards around it - main differences are individual companies' backup support, provided software and, of course, pricing.

Leadtek is a well known company producing a range of products and its UK website canb e found here:

click here

  Joe R 18:10 23 Feb 05


I have used Leadtek & Asus cards in the past, and found no problems with either.

  citadel 18:59 23 Feb 05

there is not much difference as they all use the reference design. I usually go for the one with the games bundle and software i do not have.

  ade.h 21:26 23 Feb 05

XFX seems, as far as I can tell, to be perfectly fine. And I say that as someone who has had some flaky graphics cards in the past.

As for Asus, I hope its graphics cards are better constructed than its CD drives.

  wags 21:31 23 Feb 05

I've posted my response on the exiled gamers forum mate ! ;)

  wags 21:35 23 Feb 05

But here it is for the benefit of others:

Leadtek are well known manufacturers of Nvidia cards. I understand that the 6800 card that they produce is larger/longer than most and so you will need to check it will fit in your PC.
click here=

I bought my 6800 GT (AGP version) some months ago now and after the usual research went for a Point Of View card which had a good review on PC Pro and overclocks very well (although its damn fast at stock which is where I keep it).

Asus and XFX are also good makes. XFX are quite aggressively priced usually and one of my fellow clan members has just bought an XFX 6880 Ultra for his SLI rig , which he is pleased with.

Whichever card you go for will be no doubt be just fine......

  g0nvs 21:53 23 Feb 05

XFX here, no problem.

  rickf 22:02 23 Feb 05

For me certainly not Asus. Had two failed on me. NO probs with Leadteks and an XFX which I had and sold due to upgrade.

  vinnyT 14:56 24 Feb 05

As stated earlier, there is not much difference as they all/many use the reference design. However, while this si broadly true of most, some do initiate changes, Leadtek for eg swap the ref cooling fan on their 6600 (not sure about 6800) ver cards, for a much quieter design and cooler design (enabling better oc'ing).

  kingkenny 17:40 24 Feb 05

Thanks you all for the advice.

I knew about the reference design bit but just was getting stuck on the final manufacturer. Sorry to hear about the asus probs rickf, never had any problems with the components they sell. Its another case of personal experience there I guess.

Wags, cheers for posting twice! :))

I may opt for the Leadtek 6800GT

now which case? .....mmmm.. :))

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