lcd tv or lcd monitor

  SonnyB 23:24 03 Sep 03

Could anyone tell me the difference between an lcd tft monitor for a pc and one of those vastly overpriced lcd tv's.
I visited a local Currys and Miller Bros and asked why a 17" lcd tv cost £900 but a 17" lcd monitor cost £300. He answered, "one has a tv tuner one has not".
Now, I have an 18" lcd tft monitor connected to a pc with a tv card and I often play dvd's through it and to me the technologies appear the same and I cannot believe a £30 tuner can make one device cost hundreds more but neither shop could tell me of any significant difference.
So could anyone tell me what is going on here?

  GaT7 23:52 03 Sep 03

Hi Sonny,

Did a Google Search for "What is the difference between a LCD TV and a LCD monitor"

Came up with this excellent explanation with diagrams. Can be seen click here

This should give you a fairly good idea.


  Stuartli 09:02 04 Sep 03

The salesman is talking through his/her hat as most are wont to do.

Apart from the fact that there are different receiving technologies as outlined in Crossbow70's link, it's a known fact that television versions of TFT screens have a pretty short lifespan in comparison to CRT equivalents.

In normal use this can often be as little as three years according to more recent assessments.

If you want to keep up with the Joneses then people should buy a TV version - most can be used as a monitor - but it's an expensive method of being the first in the street...:-)

  SonnyB 09:30 04 Sep 03

Thanks Crossbow 70 and Stuartli for help but I still do not know if there is actually any difference between the two items in say, Currys.
Do they then use the same core technologies?

  sdf 19:06 04 Sep 03

I have a TFT Monitor with built in TV (15" admittidly - but proves it can be done) so will act as both. Picked it up a while back for £200 from Novatech. The TV outputs at equal quality to a normal TV, and the monitor is just as good as a standard TFT monitor. So in my opinion there is no difference - just down to marketing

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