Dellman 12:51 04 Jan 05

This is a write up I've seen for a 17" LCD/DVD Combi.
DMTech DML-3117WD

click here

Click on product name to get PDF file.

I've been able to get a 4117WD model from John Lewis Brent Cross for £349 (Comet presently £399) - subject to orderin delay!!

Anyone with any views as to whether a good buy or not?

  TomJerry 14:24 04 Jan 05

contrast ratio and brightness are very good, dvd player is an extra

  Maverick81 14:37 04 Jan 05

Check out click here , they have some good deals on LCD's, I saw the advert on tv and checked them out they seem quite good.

They do a 20" for £399

click here?

Give these a look as well click here and click here

Hope this helps :o)

Cheers, Mav

  Maverick81 14:38 04 Jan 05

Sorry that link got broke up

click here

  Dellman 11:22 05 Jan 05

Anyone else?

  Dellman 13:22 09 Jan 05

Received DmTech TV as above!!

Wow!!......very s*xy little black number!!


Very satisfied!!

  DrScott 13:32 09 Jan 05

But I rather liked this Samsung:

click here

It's £399 with 600:1 contrast ratio... Which would everybody else go for?

  DrScott 16:53 10 Jan 05


  Dellman 10:48 11 Jan 05

Samsung sdt7000+


Is this a good buy? want to hook it up to oue new TV. How do I know whether the aerial is compatible?

click here


  Timmy!! 16:11 11 Jan 05

I wouldn't buy any LCD of any size for less than 750 (except for PC monitor or calculator obviously). Too much blurring on fast movement etc.

Any type of Hi-Fi or Audio Visual equipment built in usually lowers the picture quality also.

But then again i'm a total A.V. snob.

I've promised myself i'm not going to go the flat route for at least another 2 years as personally i don't think the quality, connections or the price is right yet. Doesn't stop my wallet calling to be used every time i see a damn fine sexie one tho.

  DrScott 21:19 11 Jan 05

Have got the samsung now, and actually it's quite a neat little number for our bedroom. The picture quality isn't great close up, but at a suitable distance pretty much indistinguishable from the normal curvy screen telly before. Looks damn fine too!

Picture isn't helped by the horrendously long extension arial with 3 connections in it connecting sky box, via outside, into the bedroom and into the RF socket of the LCD... not very digital!

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