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  anchor 12:36 09 Feb 05

Maybe I`m thick, but I am not clear which item I should tick.

I use a storage card reader, connected via USB cable, to transfer my pictures to the PC. Should I tick "storage card", or "USB Cable"?.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:46 09 Feb 05

As I read it, it seems to ask if you connect the camera directly to PC via USB rather than the storage card to USB.

  Taran 12:49 09 Feb 05

both or nothing...

The polls often fall short of giving people an accurate single choice.

They are there to give an idea of opinion or use, so if you feel one or more applies to you then vote accordingly, or not at all.

  Stuartli 17:36 09 Feb 05

Storage card (which is, I assume, a memory card).

  HappySoul 17:42 09 Feb 05

Either direct from camera via USB or via my printers card reader via USB, so I guess I should tick USB cable.

  Curio 19:06 09 Feb 05

Are not all these peripherals connected via USB?

  Curio 19:07 09 Feb 05

Meaning Camera, card or Pictbridge!

  Forum Editor 19:37 09 Feb 05

to provide options that suit every set of circumstances, and as I've said many times, we aren't gathering data for an official opinion poll. We're after a snapshot, a feel for what people do, and so Taran's suggestion is the right one - vote for the option that's the nearest fit, or don't vote at all.

  Dorsai 20:37 09 Feb 05

If the correct answer is not there, just don't answer. That's all I can suggest. I don't have a digicam. The option 'have not got a digital-camera' is not available. None of the options apply to me.

  NORFOLK SPARKY 22:49 09 Feb 05

A thing I dislike about the polls is the inability to see the result unless you vote. There are times when I have no opinion but would like to see the result. Is there a way to look at the poll without voteing?

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