johnland 23 Jan 12

I have two laser printers - both HP: a 1022, no longer made and a 3500 (with fax,scan etc. Both are 1200 x 1200, but using the fast/pro res option in printer proerties in either machine , the 3500 gives a clearly heavier, better defined appearance. I want to replace my 1022 with a printer with superior print quality. I need only a mono laser printer and do not need any additional features at all.

The problem is that one is totally reliant on reviews, which is absurd. If I want to buy a hi-fi system, I have a chance to audition it! Not so with printers.

Any suggestions anyone?

Many thanks


  Diemmess 23 Jan 12

Sorry this is both subjective and out of date, but you asked for experiences.

Have had two mono laser printers. the first a fairly cheap Epson which did all the things I had hoped for except the paper transport. This was abysmal particularly as it grew older, seemingly dragging a bunch of paper through at random.

Currently have an HP P2055 costing about £160. This has behaved very well and is fast and as sharp and shade-accurate with monochrome pictures as any I've seen.

It is no longer in production! You may have more useful help it you could give your price bracket and expected workload.

  johnland 23 Jan 12

Many thanks Diemmess

My price bracket would be up to £250 - thyough my workload is not heavy at all. It is really the print quality I am after.

  interzone55 23 Jan 12

I've always found Kyocera Mita printers provide good quality with low running costs



OKI have also impressed me whenever I've used one, although the price may be more than you want to spend B431dn

  johnland 26 Jan 12

many thanks for all the help. I have just seen the newish Samsung ML 2955, and that seems the one for me!

  wee eddie 26 Jan 12

I have a Samsung CLP 325 and am very happy with it.

I rarely use the Colour function but it allows me to add a Coloured Letter Head/Logo to my Mail


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