laptops and graphics cards

  vinnyobee 08:43 15 May 04

can anyone reccomend a laptop with a good enough graphics card to run the latest games (i.e. c+c generals)and be able to utilize direct x 9.0
thank you

  Stormpool 09:21 15 May 04

My old laptop had a geforce go MX320 in it, and I ran C&C Generals fine.

I expect any new radeon system will play the game, and utilize DX9. That'd be 9600, 9700 .. there may be other cards available of lower spec that will work too.

  citadel 16:08 15 May 04

Alienware make laptops geared up for gaming.

  computernerdiamnot 21:23 15 May 04

acer have just brought out a laptop the ferrari 3200 64bit and radeon 9700 for £1400 its the same looking machine but 80g hd and 64bit with 9700graphic card. I have the 3000 and it does me proud but wished now i had waited a bit but thats life for you in computing.
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  Iceman1978 01:33 16 May 04

The best priced laptop I can find is the one at Its just gone down in price to 1099. The standard spec looks good. with a gig of ram & a 80 gig hd running on a 3200-64.

  computernerdiamnot 02:46 16 May 04

It will not look like a goo deal when you add £40 for del and £60 QUID FOR THE RESTORE DISKS also the customer care is by Time need i say anymore.

  vinnyobee 13:12 16 May 04

thanks guys

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