Laptop for university!

  Pykey99 18 May 11

Looking to get a new laptop for university. Wanting a laptop that's very good performance and entertainment wise. Looking at something in the range of £700-£800

So far I have narrowed it down to the HP DV6-6053ea:

What are your thoughts on this laptop?

Any suggestions on better laptops in this price range ?

  100andthirty 18 May 11

it might be worth looking at HP laptops on the John Lewis site as they offer 2-year warranty - which could be valuable to you?

  onthelimit1 18 May 11

Look for one that: 1. Doesn't mind being dropped 2. Can withstand copious quantities of beer spilled onto its keyboard 3. Is immune to pizza crumbs 4. Has a surface from which Marmite, pasta sauce and ketchup can be easily removed.

How do I know? Two children gone through uni!

  wee eddie 18 May 11

May I also add to "onthelimit1's" list.

One that no one else wants: Otherwise it'll never make it's way back to you when you leave it in the Pub or it will get stolen.

  wjrt 18 May 11

from previous post check out the Toshiba satellite R850-169 which has a protected Hdd for knocks and drops and a protected keyboard for spills and a good battery life 5.5 to 8 hours depending on use

  Pykey99 18 May 11

Any thoughts on the HP DV6-6053ea ?



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