Laptop suitable for games

  A3 11:00 15 Jul 06

In preparation for several months sitting in open sandy area get pi**ed off, I am looking to buy a laptop that has the capacity to play games such as Ghost Recon. It would also serve as "ghetto blaster" after being loaded with several CDs and home video to run DVDs. Any suggestions?

  bapiow 11:20 15 Jul 06
  Joe R 11:26 15 Jul 06


what sort of budget are we looking at. ?

  Cybermaxx 11:50 15 Jul 06

Yeah, how much loot?

click here

MESH again. can't be arsed looking anywhere else.

  A3 11:58 15 Jul 06

Hi Guys

Up to £800 if possible, I accept that for twice that I can get an all singing dancing machine, but my budget is limited.

  Cybermaxx 12:14 15 Jul 06

Ghost Recon. is a highly demanding game, though. You'll need something pretty good to run it properly.

£800. I'll have a search (are you searching, as well, btw?!). I'm slightly bored.

  Cybermaxx 12:36 15 Jul 06

Ugh, most of them have old X700 or whatever video cards. I give up already! Good luck.

  wee eddie 12:51 15 Jul 06

"ghetto blaster" is not the word that I would be using

  tammer 14:56 16 Jul 06 you need to up your budget by a minimum of £500 in my estimation.

It's a shame, I know, but my £1200 Evesham Voyager C510 (bought last September)would even have a bit of difficulty with that game so I think you'd be better off with a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS, I'm afraid.


  keef66 14:12 17 Jul 06

For £800 you'd be better off getting an Xbox 360 and a small generator to run it.

  wolfie3000 05:39 18 Jul 06

I agree with the above comments,

Im affraid in order to run ghost recon your gonna be looking at a price around £1000 plus,

One thing you could do is buy games that are a few years old as these would play on a £800 laptop with no problems,

As for playing songs i would suggest an mp3 player, you can buy cheap ones that are tiny just plug it into the laptop put on the songs you want then hey presto!!,
Laptops aint renouned for there audio cababilities.

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