laptop processors...

  omega22 15:27 02 Jun 08

..WHERE TO BUY? I can't seem to find anywhere to buy mobile processors (they're nearly all desktop chips).

So quite simply, anyone know a place, or places, where they sell a range of processors (core 2 ones that is)?

it's just that i've a t7300 core 2 that isn't quite powerful enough for high definition editing (need a 2.4)

  The Brigadier 15:37 02 Jun 08

My only suggestion would be click here
You mayget lucky their.

  omega22 15:48 02 Jun 08

thanks Sir, but they sell no 'core 2' chips which i require.

  I am Spartacus 16:06 02 Jun 08

Insight click here

  The Brigadier 16:14 02 Jun 08

Do you have uch experience of mending Laptops?
As they are a lot more difficult than desktop pc's to work on!

  sean-278262 17:32 02 Jun 08

My only suggestion would be ebay. I have had a lot of success selling bits of old laptops including processors there and usually you can snag a bargain.

  wjrt 18:11 02 Jun 08

click here

  omega22 18:16 02 Jun 08

I am Spartacus, thanks for the link. prices are higher than expected... i'll very likely wait a bit for a price drop (i was hoping for something around £60!)

"""Do you have uch experience of mending Laptops?"""

no. i did install 2gb of ram though!


good idea. i'll have a look.

wjrt, thanks for that, the ideal processor!

thanks everyone for the info!

  sean-278262 18:50 02 Jun 08

Omega22 - trust me that replacing a processor in a laptop is usually hell. Getting the damn things out is easier but still a long winded process. Often requiring the taking apart of just about all of the machine. Upgrading the machine is often the best solution. Laptop demand is high so machines dont loose as much value at the moment so consider a new machine and selling what you have at the moment.


  The Brigadier 19:49 02 Jun 08

My 5 year old nephew can replace RAM on a Laptop!

But give most people a Laptop to take apart & it's a different story.
Suggest if you have little experience you try to get this book "Upgrading & Repairing Laptops-Scott Mueller from your local library before trying to do so, it may prevent you from going insane!!

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