Laptop for my Son

My sons' laptop (for school use) has more or less blown up and quite frankly repair is likely to be just as costly as getting a cheap (new) replacement. I have looked at the ACER Aspire 7004WSMi (£349) which might fit the bill, but am a bit worried that this machine may not be man enough to run Vista.
Any advice would be appreciate.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 23:19 16 Nov 07

My advice is to buy your son the best laptop you can afford, it will possibly be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

  Totally-braindead 23:53 16 Nov 07

I have to agree with the FE. My neighbour bought a really cheap PC with a Celeron processor and 512mb RAM running Vista Basic. It took nearly 5 minutes to start up it was just so slow. I added another gig of memory and now startup is down to about a minute and a half. Much better. But its still slow in my opinion and to be honest with you with the Celeron theres nothing much else I can do with it. Hes happy so I suppose thats all thats important.
Had a quick look and its ok, it has more memory than my neighbours has but the processor is a Sempron which is AMDs version of the Celeron and is not that fast.
For a cheap laptop I would prefer one that runs XP as it makes less demands on the hardware and consequently will run faster. Something like this click here dearer I know but not by much, has dual core processor a smaller screen admitadly but runs XP.
I like Toshibas very sturdy workhorses.

  sihart 00:52 19 Nov 07

Good advice above. Try and spend a bit more a get a Intel Core Duo or an AMD Turion cpu, an Intel Core 2 Duo if you can stretch that far. There a couple of good deals suggested here: click here. And if choosing a Vista machine try and get one with 2GB of RAM or you will only end buying more further down the line. It staggers me when I see Vista machines for sale with only 512MB, they are clearly trying to dupe the unknowledgable buyer.

  100andthirty 09:09 19 Nov 07

don't know if it's any good but Tesco have a Samsung with Core 2 Duo, 2 GB, 160GB disc and 15.4" screen and 3 year collect and return warrenty. £499

  Crash 14:57 19 Nov 07

What about this one click here

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