Laptop for me mum please..

  nick_j007 17:36 04 Apr 09

Hi all.

Not sure if this is possible, but with £400 I'd like to buy my mum for her 65th b'day a laptop and wireless router.

I think that's doable, but I'd like a 15" screen (in any event no netbooks pls they're too small for easy viewing).

A number I can see are with Vista, but I would really like to find an XP unit.

She currently has a desktop in the spare room, so I'd like to get a router and set that up with a hard wire to her desktop, and wireless for the laptop.

Any thoughts or guidance on this would be very welcome.

Thanks for looking.


  Si_L 22:02 04 Apr 09

Its certainly do-able for £400. A wi-fi router won't cost much, about £20 upwards for one these days, depending on the features. The real hassle is setting it up.

You will be able to find lots in the 15" section but not many that will be on XP. Times change and although people still like XP, its number is up, and to be honest I have Vista and really like it. Its more future proof than XP if nothing else.

What sort of things will she be using it for? It would be helpful to know as it will give us an idea of the necessary specs. At 65, I could be wrong but I doubt she will be gaming on it! If it is just surfing the internet and basic stuff like Office and such, you don't need to break to get one that will do the job.

  tullie 22:22 04 Apr 09

If you organise a ISP she wants to use,she will get the router as part of the package.

  nick_j007 22:33 04 Apr 09

No gaming that's right ;)

Email, word processing, photo viewing, surfing and so on. Nothing heavy.

Her desktop is online with telewest BB I think. would they supply a router foc?

Yes, might consider it easy to migrate to?


  iscanut 10:47 05 Apr 09

"Her desktop is online with telewest BB I think. would they supply a router foc?"

They might if you suggest that you might be looking for another ISP !!!

  nick_j007 11:37 05 Apr 09

Good point thank you.

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