Laptop mains unit repair

  xquest 20:19 10 Jul 05

My friend has a 1993 'Notebook 486 Professional' laptop with a mains power supply unit Model 'ESP-5020'.
The wires into the plug which goes in to the laptop from the supply unit have burnt through - inside the plug, which has therefore fallen off. The plug itself is moulded and doesn't appear to come to bits. Can anyone suggest where I might find a plug, and also which wire (there are 3) goes on which pin ?
A modern universal power unit (240V: 20V/2.4A) would be OK but the plug would not fit.
(the plug looks a bit like a DIN plug with 1 thin pin and 2 thicker pins).
I could put photos of the plug on my web site if required.
Any advice gratefully received

  spuds 21:04 10 Jul 05
  spuds 10:45 11 Jul 05

Further to the above, a visit to one of the many Maplin's stores may pay dividends click here They have all sorts of weird and wonderful electrical/electronic components.

  terryr48 18:23 11 Jul 05

Try here click here I have always found them helpful

  BT 09:45 13 Jul 05

We got a replacement for my wife's Acer Laptop from Maplins for £24.95 as against £69.95 for a genuine one. Its also multi-voltage so could be used for a different machine if needed.

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