Laptop enquiry

  nuvyne 11:38 26 Aug 05

Hi, Can anyone help me? I need to purchase a laptop for our church in order to run a projector and another monitor. The software providers have stated that we need dual monitor facility.(To use the laptop screen for one display and another monitor showing the projector display. I understand from the projector people(Hitachi) that the connection for the projector is a VGA. If the VGA is being used for the projector what connector is used for the TFT monitor. I have been advised that an Acer4151LMi or a 4401LMi would be suitable. Has anyone had any experience in this field.

  Skills 19:03 26 Aug 05

The VGA port of the back of laptops is usually enabled through the use of the function plus F4 key, you can have a display running on both the TFT screen and an external monitor.

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