Laptop CD Writer for CD+G

  Baz48 13:27 13 Jan 05

Does anyone know of a laptop writer that will write CD+G disks.


  TomJerry 13:58 13 Jan 05

jus a guess

  Baz48 14:14 13 Jan 05

No, Goldenhawk's CDRwin will has been doing the job on my PC but not all writers are capable of writing CD+G. Goldenhawk list suitable hardware but not for laptops. They are not good at replying either.

  T0SH 14:30 13 Jan 05

There are probably are CD+G capable lappy drives, but with a laptop you are not usually made aware of the make and model of the burner fitted ,to further complicate it the maker can and do fit their choice drive from makers like LG,Teac,Sony,Toshiba,NEC into the same model laptop, it would be almost like a lottery win if you got one

cheers HC

  Baz48 19:42 13 Jan 05

The reason I want one is that the Writer on my laptop has broken so I am buying a new one, CD drive that is, not a new laptop.

As I have a choice of makes I may as well get one that does CD+G, but which one?

  slimbo51 20:04 13 Jan 05

The only CD Writer I've found to cut CD&G properly is the Plexwriter series.

Got a normal one on on my spare comp for cutting these Karoake discs.

Dont know if Plextor make them for laptops, not having one myself.

Sure though an external one, possibly USB will do the job.

  Baz48 20:41 13 Jan 05

Slimbo51: I have a list of PC drives that burn CD+G but don't know if this applies to the ones that these manufacturers make for laptops.

Actually you have just planted an idea: the old Yamaha (internal)PC drive that my wife uses at present for CD+G's could come out of my computer but could it be connected to my wife's laptop via USB or Firewire or something? That would rid me of the job altogether.

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