Laptop with a 4:3 screen

  colin1951uk 19:23 05 Feb 08

Folks I want to buy a new laptop with a conventional 4:3 screen ration..but where I ask?

I've found a couple of Dells..the D520 & D530..but I discount the 520 as it's only offered with a celeron that just leaves me with a 530..not much choice!

I been looking around my local stores and on the net and everything seems widescreen now which I want to avoid as I work with large graphics in the main. Widescreen tends to chop off the top/bottom of the graphic and it's a case of continous scrolling to get by which is a real pain. 4:3 is a joy to work with for me.

Anyone know of other suppliers who might do a 4:3 model..moneys not really a problem as long as it does the job.


  Al94 21:13 05 Feb 08

This link is better click here

  Al94 21:24 05 Feb 08

Sorry, misread, the T61 there semms to be widescreen now

  colin1951uk 11:14 06 Feb 08

Well looking through there are a couple of T61's with 4:3..the better model (UI0A9UK) has an Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M...BUT it's poorly received on display is lousy and for a £1000+ I don't think I'm going to risk it.

So it' Dell..or maybe I can try Ebay for a good quality second user unit..although I'd much prefer a new one.

It seems laptops (I dunno about desktops) are going the way of try getting a 4:3 tv now bigger than 21 inch..not a chance..widescreen is the fashion..I dunno why coz I personaly can't stand it..I'm getting old lol.

Anyway I'll see if Ebay can be my saviour.

Thanks for the pointers chaps..Colin

  keef66 16:26 06 Feb 08

Tried Morgan Computers? they do older / refurb stuff so you may have a better choice of 4:3's.

Alternatively could you work with an external monitor? (mind you, they are all following the widescreen herd too)

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