Laptop with 32 bit OS

  trl_path 20:49 PM 02 Jul 11

I need a new laptop that, among other things, has to run a laser cutter.

In order to do this it has to have a 32 bit windows OS (ie Windows 7 32bit).

However most of the sites I've looked at only supply windows 64bit with their laptops. Has anyone any advice on where I can get laptops with 32 bit windows on them?

  qbie 21:09 PM 02 Jul 11

Toshiba laptops sometimes come with a recovery disc in the box which has 32-Bit Windows 7 on it, so you can install that rather than the preinstalled 64-Bit version, worth looking into.

Otherwise, even if the laptop comes with 64-Bit preinstalled, if you have access to a 32-Bit Windows 7 Disc, you can use the product keycode on the bottom of the machine to install it. Just make sure you make a backup of any recovery discs you may need in the future if you ever need to contact any technical support to troubleshoot any problems, and check the manufacturers website for 32-Bit drivers.

  Zak 21:09 PM 02 Jul 11

Dell Vostro laptops for small and medium business

  Zak 21:13 PM 02 Jul 11

Re above -

Dell Vostro Laptops

Link should be

  HondaMan 11:46 AM 03 Jul 11

You can run Win XP, or any other OS via Virtual Box. I had a problem with a scanner and this was a perfect solution and it's free


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