Laptop for a 17 year old girl

  Kim1961.20 13:37 24 May 15

Any advice please?

No gaming just Microsoft package and social networking..oh and music.

Help! :)

  rdave13 14:20 24 May 15

HP laptops have a decent audio output from the laptop speakers. Better than most but not an issue if headphones will be used. If playing CDs then make sure the one you pick has an optical drive. I would also go for an Intel CPU rather than AMD as Intels tend to run cooler. Usually its get the best you can afford. Just my preferences though.

  wee eddie 16:58 24 May 15

Not quite sure how to put this but here goes.

Are we talking about a budding Marie Curie or a Beyonce kind of 17 year old daughter?

  morddwyd 08:00 25 May 15

That's a good swap!

(Sorry, it;s Monday!)

  wee eddie 14:56 25 May 15

Maybe I should explain myself more. There are plenty of black Laptops, which are happy to do anything that you are prepared to pay for.

If you want something a little more colourful, apart from Apple's offerings which are all white, there are a few available but they tend to be at the lower end of the capability spectrum. However, that does not mean that they will not run Word, Excel, Notes and Power Point, just that they are not such capable multitaskers.

  wee eddie 22:05 25 May 15

Google "Coloured Laptop" but beware, the Chrome ones, really cheap, will not run Microsoft Software and need Internet Access to work successfully

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