chass 16:44 26 Jan 07

i have a landrover disco td5 gs 03 model, does this have a reflective screen? buying a sat nav, when i have made my mind up which model.

  JoeC 18:02 26 Jan 07

and was told if I have front screen defrost then it is "reflective".
I use the Navman iCn satnav and it works okay anyway !

  JoeC 18:04 26 Jan 07

when I asked what "reflective" meant, they told me that the miniature wires running through the screen effectively "reflect" satnav signals. As I said though, my satnav works okay.

  driving man 18:16 26 Jan 07

you can buy an aerial for it whichyou route through the car. Otherwise look carefully at the windscreen and you will see an area either side where there are no wires.
Mount it ther and "Robert's your mother's brother"
Hope this helps although on both my Jags and Shogun it works anyway

  Dizzy Bob 18:51 26 Jan 07

Most current Sat-Navs use the SIRF III receprot. This is more powerful than the reciever in 'older' Sat Navs and will work quite happily through a heat reflective windscreen.

Could you possible borrow a friend or colleagues unit to test in your car?


  Dizzy Bob 18:51 26 Jan 07

receprot = reciever

I type like a chimp!!


  driving man 20:07 26 Jan 07

ref previous answers try Halfords--- ask them to prove it will pick up a signal, ie try it in your car. If it works say youll think about it and buy from where you want

  The Brigadier 11:02 27 Jan 07

I have to use an extra aerial to pick up a signal on my Disco TD5.

  PaulB2005 15:11 27 Jan 07

The Reflective screen that is referred to is the Anthermic reflective coating. Look at many Renaults in the sun and you'll see a blue colour on the windscreen. This is what blocks the Sat Nav signals - not the heating wires. My Garmin i3 needs an aerial routed to an area on the windscreen which has no coating to get a signal. In our other car with no Anthermic coating no aerial is needed.

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