ened 13:09 31 Oct 04

Apologies for the fact this is only related to Computers by way of what I need to do with the finished product.
When I type the above word into Google or any other search engine all the results are about sales.
I want to know what I need and why I need it.
Can anybody point me to a more educational site than straightforward selling.
Thanks in advance.

  thms 13:27 31 Oct 04

Try here click here

  wee eddie 16:14 31 Oct 04

A laminator: Frequently given free with (Say) 4 packets of 25 pockets.

A packet of pockets: These come in different sizes and thicknesses.

Try the on-line Office Stationary Companies for the best deals

You turn the laminator > Slide the item into a pocket > When the laminator indicates that it is up to temperature > feed the pocket into the slot.

That's it.

  ened 16:57 31 Oct 04

& thms for that link.
wee eddie you seem to know a bit about it: Hot or Cold?
Can you use hot with inkjet printed A4 photos?

  Newuser38 18:09 31 Oct 04

We have laminated business cards printed on matt paper with deskjet coloured ink, hot without any problems.

Our machine says 1, The hot lamination process achieves the required result by bonding into the surface of the document. Once you hsve done this the document cannot be retrieved. 2, Do not attempt to laminate heat sensitive documents such as thermal paper, wax based inks, some types of coated papers. In another section it says photos may be laminated with a standard laminating pouch.

Just a thought if you only want a small number you may find that Staples may do them more cheaply than buying machine and pouches etc.

The staff in my Staples are always very helpful. They sell all sorts of laminators and they would be happy to discuss and advise on your needs, I am sure.

  ened 18:16 31 Oct 04

Once again apologies for pinching space on a computer site.
Newuser38 I want to do more than a few for an ongoing project. I need to laminate A4 pics. printed on a Canon Inkjet (Pixma 6000d) and was thinking of getting a Brother Lx200x Cold Laminator.
Will this be appropriate?

  wee eddie 19:34 31 Oct 04

I hot laminate menus and small adverts that will be in the sun. All made on the PC. Printed on a Canon i850.

The system works well, the colour of the pictures is retained well in the sunlight. Occasional bubbles must be pricked and passed through again

  Newuser38 20:40 31 Oct 04

Sorry I know nothing of cold operation. Our machine Rexel will do hot or cold. It seems that for cold one has to have self-seal pouches.

  terryr48 21:45 31 Oct 04

Hot & Cold A4 laminater from Morrison's £19.99

  Pidder 22:39 03 Nov 04

Just as a matter of interest did a search on Google for a laminator from Morrisons and found a recall on the Atico model LM182, sold by Morrisons. Not your model I hope.

  terryr48 22:42 03 Nov 04

pidder- no mine is a something or other 430/06
and it works fine. thanks anyway.

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