Lacie Big Disk

  kinger 22:14 28 Jun 04

I purchased the 320gb version of the above external hard disk drive 5 months ago from

Today it packed up and now needs to be repaired or, by all accounts, replaced.

Does anyone know if there is a know issue with these drives, are they reliable, or am I just unlucky?

  kinger 23:07 28 Jun 04

I knew I'd be the only sucker who bought one (smile)

  Forum Editor 23:11 28 Jun 04

with these drives, and I think you have just been unlucky.

here used to be an old IT industry saying that if a hard drive made it through its first year of life it would go on to run for many years more. It's certainly the case that any drive of mine that has failed has done so in the first few months of its life. Having said that, it's only ever happened twice; hard rives are usually extremely reliable.

  kinger 23:16 28 Jun 04

Thanks for that. I must admit this is the first time in 20 years that one has failed on me.

  kinger 22:33 07 Jun 05

I know I posted this some time ago but I am now on my fifth replacement of the LaCie drive.

I'm wondering what the failure rate is overall.

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